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"Chasing Formula One"
"">Formula Student< Scientific Research Project Conducted at the Rzeszow University of Technology "


Rzeszow University of Technology, The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Powstańców Warszawy 12, 35-959 Rzeszów


Assembling the race car before competition

Description popularizing the research project

It usually starts in the playschool with a collection of toy cars on a bedside shelf. The children take good care of their stables. They arrange the cars by size or by colour and in spare time organize races accompanied with deafening roar of engines . That is how a passion starts. Many of them see themselves behind a wheel of a real sports car. Many of them, a few years later, discover computer car simulators. There collisions and roll-overs are not a reason to worry. Skidding off the track is a viable risk considered acceptable just to be victorious. Like on a real track the only thing that matters is the podium. Many of them, against common sense, race the virtual tracks for many hours, all days and nights, and accept the fact that somebody else will be sitting in the actual cockpit behind the steering wheel of Formula One cars among other elite drivers.
Splendour and fame, big money and, most of all, fast cars are only for the best of the best drivers. They do shine during press conferences and their fans watch their every step. Unsung heroes are designers of the cars and the whole technical crew making sure that the cars are of the utmost quality and reliability. Space age technologies and materials, relentlessly juiced up engines and safety solutions , are as important as the driver's skills when it comes to winning on the track. And, although it is the latter who gets all the praise and fame, it is good to follow childhood's dreams to become a car designer. In the lobbies and lecture halls of technical universities you can meet many of those who did not abandon their childhood dreams of racing. They meet after classes and, with help of their mentors, they design a new streamlined racing car with a new revolutionary drive. Once they find sponsors they build prototypes and then check them in one of the most unforgiving tests of all: competing against cars built by other student teams from all around the world in Formula Student races held on the same tracks as the most prestigious Formula One.
You always have to have dreams, cherish them, and never let them fade away. When a dream comes true, at the very same moment it goes away and new ones come at the speed of a Formula One ca


The Formula Student scientific research project is conducted by students primarily studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of the Rzeszow University of Technol-ogy located at al. Powstańców Warszawy 12, 35-959 in Rzeszow. The authors are: Dmitrowicz Igor, Dobrzanski Patryk, Drozd Marcin, Guzek Tomasz, Haracz Kamil, Jabłonska Agnieszka, Jakubiec Patryk, Jasiukiewicz Jakub, Jedrejko Grzegorz, Jurkiewicz Maksymilian, Kaczorowska Katarzyna, Kajma Sebastian, Kaminski Filip, Kasiurak Patryk, Kij Radosław, Klimko Wojciech, Klosok Jakub, Krauz Piotr, Krysa Mateusz, Krzosek Tomasz, Kucharski Kamil, Kuzma Filip, Kwiecien Damian, Les Tomasz, Niewiarowska Edyta, Oleniak Mateusz, Parkita Norbert, Pecak Magdalena, Pytel Tomasz, Rogala Dawid, Rejman Natalia, Rydzik Izabela, Stefanik Katarzyna, Szteliga Daniel, Wojcik Piotr, Zachara Bartłomiej, Zborowski Dominik, Zychowski Wiktor, Zy-dzik Andrzej. The Formula Student project, which operates under the patronage of the Institu-tion of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in Great Britain, focuses on designing and manufacturing a race car. The engineering and organiza-tional tasks accomplished by the students are based on their own ideas. They decide which technologies to use and acquire the funding to conduct further research. The Formula Student is an event that has teams from technical universities all around the world competing against one another. During the 2015 season, the project competed in the Formula Student event orga-nized by IMechE at the Silverstone Circuit. This was the team's debut. Next, the group partook in Formula SAE Italy held at Autodromo Riccardo Paletti achieving the 20th place in the internal combustion class and the 11th place in the main race.


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