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"Research on the wine trail"
"Wine tourism as an opportunity for socio-economic development of rural areas"

Anna Mazurkiewicz-Pizło
Joseph Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw,
Faculty of Tourism and Recreation,
Department of Management and Economy,
ul. Marymoncka 34, 00-968 Warszawa 45

Subcarpathian vineyards

Description popularizing the research project

In the fast pace of everyday issues, when the moments of quality time only for what we like doing we can count on fingers of one hand, everybody is looking forward to holidays. Lovers of sunny beaches, water sports and all day long excursions are waiting for the summer when the cloudless sky and long day give an opportunity to enjoy the long-awaited pleasures. Skiers count days before they pack the equipment and set off to the slopes and pistes covered with sparkling snow. Spring also has faithful fans, who, when the snow melts, put on their camo clothes and go bird spotting to observe courtship displays of cranes. Only rainy, foggy, cool autumn seems to have very few followers.
Yet, it is autumn that is a perfect season for those who love wine, wineries and the atmosphere accompanying a glass of the noble drink. In October and November, in many European countries, from Beaujolais to Thesaloniki, young wine festivals are held. Scores of tourists participate in them - real connoisseurs and ordinary foodies for whom wine is a hobby. Many of them plan their autumn holidays so that they could taste a different nouveau, burčák or Jahreswein. The quest for tasting young wine is an opportunity to know the region better and make new friends. For those who try to make wine at home it is a way to know new recipes. The tourists following the winery trail in Poland will alsofind attractive destinations. In spite of the fact that the climate is not as favourable for vineyards as in Italy or Spain, there are wineries to visit. Zielona Góra region and Subcarpathia are famous for their long traditions of wine making. Enotourism i.e. wine tourism also slowly emerges in Poland and it has already become a subject of scientific research. The phenomenon may thrive thanks to global warming which will facilitate growing grapevine and increasing promotion of the type of relax. It has a potential of gathering supporters of all the seasons at the same jug of gods' drink. And the memories of the shining red in a wine glass are simply priceless.


Nowadays, enotourism (wine tourism) does not constitute a large-scale business in Poland. However, this trend in tourism has gained more interest in recent years, among both tourists and winery owners. In the face of the changes in this area, the author intended to broaden the knowledge of the state of wine business and enotourism in Poland, and in particular: acreage devoted to wine growing; the number of vineyards registered with the Agricultural Market Agency; changes taking place in individual years; actions taken by winery owners, trade organizations and local authorities to develop enotourism in Poland; and the establishment and functioning of trade organizations connected with the wine industry. The project aimed to evaluate the development of enotourism in Poland as well as its influence on the region. Due to the limited number of theoretical papers and empirical studies of enotourism in Polish literature, the author, apart from her own empirical studies, first and foremost uses foreign literature and research results. In the project I used the following research methods: survey (interviews, questionnaires), observation, documentation and case studies. Survey methods included direct interviews and questionnaire methods, including surveys and interviews with the owners of the vineyards (9) and wine experts (5). As a result it defined the factors determining development of enotourism in Poland as well as its influence on regional development. In compliance with the model of an enotourism life cycle, the microeconomic and macroeconomic models of wine tourism development have been proposed and the stages of the development of wine tourism in Poland have been defined.


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