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The Exhibition Catalogue
All Photographs

Ladies and Gentlemen, Do you know what mites, workers' settlements, Apollo butterflies and invasive plants have in common with multicoloured white of glaciers, indispensable bees and Xerolycosa nemoralis spiders? And what about cryomineral formations in ice caves, season changes in the degree of damage to the DNA of domesticated carps, and influence of horse chestnut leaf miners on the decrease in photosynthetic area of leaves? All of them present themselves well in photos that have been shown at exhibitions of Photo Biennale of University of Silesia since 2006 (...more)

prof. zw. dr. hab. Wiesław Bany¶
Rector of the University of Silesia in Katowice

Our everyday world is no longer bordered by sunrises and sunsets. It is no longer shrouded in the darkness of the night lit only by the Moon and Milky Way. It is yearning for a deep breath of crystal clear air filled with sounds of the wind and bird songs (...more)

dr Agnieszka Babczyńska, dr hab. Mirosław Nakonieczny
University of Silesia in Katowice

Ludwik Hirszfeld, a distinguished Polish doctor, microbiologist and immunologist, once said, that the best microscope will not contribute to the scientific progress if it is kept in the closet. Paraphrasing his words, we could add that the most interesting scientific research is conducted in secret, behind the closed doors of laboratories, and no one knows anything about it. It was probably the idea of the organizers of the 5th Photo Competition 'Science on camera', which, this year, is titled 'Science - idea in practice'. (...more)

Agnieszka Sikora
Department of Information and Promotion US

Grand Prix

"Infinite research into the Universe"
"The optical gravitational lensing experimento"

Krzysztof Ulaczyk, Andrzej Udalski
Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw


"Tajikistan: a long short stor"
"Condition of national and historical consciousness among students in Tajikistan"

Przemysław Adamczewski- author of photograph and project manager

Caucasus - plucking the strings of conflict
Mythologization of historical memory as a determinant of ethnic conflicts in the Caucasus

Przemysław Adamczewski- author of photographs and project manager

The world of crystals trapped in ice
Cryomineral formations of ice cavesh

Wiaczesław Andrejczuk - author of photographs and project manager, Ewa Teper - author of photographs

Titanium dioxide - a compound out of this world
Preparation and characteristics of porous structures of titanium dioxide prepared with physical methods

Anna Maria Białous- author of photograph and project manager, Arkadiusz Sobczyk - author of photograph

In a maze of nuclear membranes
Analysis of the role of XLAP2 protein in forming mitotic spindle and maintaining the cell nucleus in Xenopus laevis

Magda Dubińska-Magiera - author of photograph and project manager

Living universal indicators
Seasonal changes in the degree of DNA damage in Cyprinus carpio transferred into Goczałkowice lake

Marta Dziewięcka - author of photograph, Maria Augustyniak - project manager

When media teach
Media in formal and informal education in the Visegrad Group Countries

Monika Frania- author of photograph and project manager

A whale friend
Cetacean monitoring in Faxafloi Bay, Iceland

Małgorzata Gazda - author of photograph, Chiara Bertulli - project manager

They do crunch and munch
The impact of horse-chestnut leaf miner Cameraria ohridella on the photosynthetic area of the leaves of white chestnut in Silesia

Anna Gniadek - author of photographs, Mateusz Gogolewski - author of photograph and project manager

Warm. warmer. Glacier!
Model of changes in in- and subglacial drainage system of polythermal glaciers on Svalbard (Werenskioldbreen case study)

Dariusz Ignatiuk - author of photographs, Katarzyna Dembicz - project manager

Filtering the invisible
Production of non-woven filter materials with nano-composite granulates

Anna Jackiewicz - author of photograph and project manager

Tiny Five of Africa
Unknown inhabitants of the West Africa

Aleksandra Jakiel - author of photographs, Magdalena Błażewicz-Paszkowycz - project manager

Global chemistry of glaciers
Complex model of chemical weathering in the catchment of polithermal glacier on Spitsbergen

Marta Kondracka - author of photographs, Łukasz Stachnik - project manager

Perfection from generation to generatione
Micropropagation of Kalanchoe tubiflora (Harvey) Hamet

Dariusz Kulus - author of photograph and project manager

Unwatery water
Optimization of the nitroaldol reaction in ionic liquids

Agnieszka Łapczuk-Krygier - author of photograph and project manager

Research on the wine trail
Wine tourism as an opportunity for socio-economic development of rural areas

Anna Mazurkiewicz-Pizło - author of photograph and project manager

Tracking volcanism - geotourism 6D
Geotourism destinations of Eurasia

Tadeusz Molenda - author of photographs and project manager

The world in bast shoes
Kurpie as an example of changes in observing traditions

Jakub Ochnio - author of photographs and project manager, Ireneusz Kowal -author of photographs

Unwritten separation
Awaryjniak - a case study of postmodern ghetto

Jakub Ochnio - author of photographs and project manager

Upholding layers and phases
Detecting and evaluating delamination in multilayered composite structures with active infrared thermography

Przemysław Daniel Pastuszak - author of photographs and project manager

Secrets of new life's beginnings
DNA synthesis and metabolic activity in different parts of germinating crop seeds

Monika Rewers - author of photographs and project manager

Seventeen centuries of Armenian catholicism
Armenian catholics in Armenia and Georgia: history, memory, identity

Konrad Siekierski - author of photographs and project manager

Deeply rooted beauty
Biotechnology package for enhancing induced mutagenesis in barley FAO/IAEA Coordinated Research Project (CRP) No. 15419/R0

Michał Słota - author of photographs, Iwona Szarejko - project manager

Infinite research into the Universe
The optical gravitational lensing experiment

Krzysztof Ulaczyk -author of photographs, Andrzej Udalski - project manager

Steel from Damascus to Sydney
Influence of spot joint strength on energy absorption ability of impactloaded thin walled structures

Maciej Zwierzchowski, Marcin Kaszuba - authors of photographs, Paweł Kaczyński - project manager


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