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The Exhibition Catalogue
All Photographs

Ladies and Gentlemen, Do you know what mites, workers’ settlements, Apollo butterflies and invasive plants have in common with multicoloured white of glaciers, indispensable bees and Xerolycosa nemoralis spiders? All of them present themselves well in photos that have been shown at exhibitions of Photo Biennale of University of Silesia since 2006. (...more)

prof. zw. dr. hab. Wiesław Bany¶
Rector of the University of Silesia in Katowice

The world around us is the jam smeared on a slice of bread. The world around us is everyday rush to school or work, often through the fog or heavy rain which may bring flood. The world around us is the short lunch break with a serving of boiled potatoes with dill or golden chips on the plate, a fan on a hot day, a spider, a ladybird and a flea in the favourite pet’s fur. The world around us is also the November chrysanthemums, holiday at the Baltic Sea or on a trail in the Beskidy Mountains, a handful of evening news from a nearby city or a different continent. It is stargazing before sleep – look into the starry sky – unbelievably distant and yet so close because seen every night. The world around us: rich, diversified, changing, solid, universal and subjective at the same time. This is simply the world around us. (...more)

dr Agnieszka Babczyńska, dr hab. Mirosław Nakonieczny
University of Silesia in Katowice

The real world around us is full of various colours and many different sounds, offering astonishing surprises. As Ortega y Gasset once said, ‘To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand’. The world undergoing eternal transformations encourages us to ask questions, to delve into the subject to uncover new mysteries. Thanks to this curiosity, we discover secrets of various life forms and, consequently, learn the human nature and the sense of human existence. (...more)

Agnieszka Sikora
Department of Information and Promotion
University of Silesia in Katowice

Grand Prix

‘Telescope or kaleidoscope – sky observations in Chile’
‘The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment’

Krzysztof Ulaczyk, Andrzej Udalski
Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw


‘Wrecks teeming with life’
‘Shipwrecks as marine diversity hot-spots – Polish coastal waters shipwreck fauna inventory and its impact on the marine environment’

Piotr Bałazy - author of photos
Maria Włodarska-Kowalczuk - project manager

‘A predator is born under the watchful eye of scientists’
‘Analysis of the early stages of development of spider Xerolycosa nemoralis using computed microtomography and microscopic techniques’

Agata Bednarek - author of photos
Agnieszka Babczyńska - project manager

White Hellebore – many faces of the rarity of Polish mountains
The diversity of chosen Veratrum lobelianum Bernh. populations in an altitude gradient and different habitat conditions

Jadwiga Bosek – author of photographs and project manager

Spider cannot live by a fly alone
Taxonomic characterization of prey of web building spiders and actively hunting spiders

MICHAŁ BUCZYŃSKI – author of photographs,
AGNIESZKA BABCZYŃSKA – project manager

Proteins in gel – or how to set… a laboratory table
Proteomics of barley roots – optimization of protein extraction method from barley seedlings roots, for the use in 2D electrophoresis

Katarzyna Bzdęga – author of photograph,
Agnieszka Janiak– project manager

Myriapods and their internal life
Ultrastructure of the midgut epithelium of Scolopendra cingulata (Myriapoda: Chilopoda), with special emphasis on the processes of its degeneration and regeneration

Łukasz Chajec - – author of photograph,
Magdalena M. Rost-Roszkowska – project manager

Heat of Silesian heaps
Thermal alteration of the Silesian coal waste dumps. Basic and experimental study

Justyna Ciesielczuk – author of photograph and project manager

Ticks and other masters of ambushes
Hard ticks (Ixodida: Ixodidae) as potential reservoirs and vectors of tick-borne diseases in selected recreational areas of Upper Silesia

Piotr Cuber – author of photographs / project manager

Amphibians – endangered guardians of wetlands
The role of amphibians in the conservation of biodiversity of wetlands in the Upper Silesia

Piotr Cuber - author of photographs / project manager

Cuba close and distant – present and future
Quo Vadis, Cuba? Implications for Europe and Poland

Monika ¦wietlik - author of photograph,
Katarzyna Dembicz - project manager

What harms Western corn rootworm? – research on corn pest
Digestive enzyme inhibitors as an efficient tool in reducing the population of the Western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera)

Sławomir Drzewiecki, Paweł Bere¶ - authors of photographs,
Mirosław Nakonieczny - project manager

Feel like having a new fur
Occurrence of fleas on birds and mammals in Poland

Radosław Dybała - author of photographs,
Marian Blaski - project manager

Nature of Madagascar – see, touch, help
Tropical biology and nature conservation in Madagascar

Małgorzata Gazda - author of photograph / project manager

Four seasons of Goczałkowicki Reservoir
Integrated Support System for Management and Protection of Dam Reservoir

Marek Grucka - author of photograph,
Paweł Migula - project manager

Aphids – micro Jurassic Park
Morphology and taxonomy of Lower Cretaceous aphids from Baissa

Agnieszka Homan - author of photograph / project manager

Rivers of the Tatra Mountains – everyday risk of floods
FLORIST ‘Flood risk on the northern foothills of the Tatra Mountains, Polish – Swiss Research Program

Ryszard J. Kaczka - author of photograph / project manager

Chrysanthemum under ice spell
Cryopreservation of chrysanthemums using encapsulation-dehydration

Dariusz Kulus, Anna Mikuła - authors of photographs,
Małgorzata Zalewska project manager

Discreet charm of a compressor
Examination of the flow phenomena appearing within compressors and turbines

Grzegorz Li¶kiewicz - author of photograph,
Longin Horodko - project manager

Not only Easter eggs – Easter in Macedonia
Easter in Poreche (Republic of Macedonia) – syncretic forms of rituals and beliefs in the Balkans

Mirella Makurat author of photograph / project manager

Mysteries of riparian forests around Goczałkowicki Reservoir
Riparian forests of the Goczałkowice dam reservoir in the valley of the Upper Vistula

Damian Matynia, Łukasz Chajec - authors of photographs,
Stanisław Cabała - project manager

Dowry full of bacteria
Ultrastructure, location and transowarial transmission endosymbiotic microorganisms in aphids (Insekta, Hemiptera: Aphidinea)

Anna Michalik - author of photograph,
Teresa Szklarzewicz - project manager

Ponds among heaps and pits
Anthropogenic aquatic environment

Tadeusz Molenda - author of photograph / project manager

Hanging around with Penduline tits
Should I stay or should I go? - Reproductive strategies in penduline tits (Remiz pendulinus)

Robert Pawliszko - author of photograph,
Beata Czyż - project manager

Disappearing landscape of Olender villages
Olender settlement in Mazovia

Grzegorz Piaskowski- author of photograph,
Leonard Sobieraj - project manager

Pieniny dandelion – an uncommon relative of common dandelion

Bartosz Płachno - author of photograph / project manager

Taming the fog
The influence of ultrasound on the velocity of fog’s drop

Martyna Rachoń, Karolina Węgrzyńska - authors of photographs / project managers

Insectivorous plants – a different biology class
The unusual world of insectivorous plants

Michał Słota - author of photographs / project manager

Potato blight – hope in resistance genes
Expression regulation study, identification, mapping and pyramiding R genes conferring resistance of potato to Phytophthora infestans

Iga Tomczyńska - author of photographs,
Jadwiga ¦liwka - project manager

Telescope or kaleidoscope – sky observations in Chile
The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment

Krzysztof Ulaczyk - author of photographs,
Andrzej Udalski - project manager


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