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The Exhibition Catalogue
All Photographs

Ladies and Gentlemen, According to Greek mythology, a long time ago in Crete there lived an architect and inventor, Daedalus. He worked at the court of king Minos, who commissioned him with constructing a labyrinth for Minotaur. Daedalus together with his son Icarus dreamed of escaping from Crete. He dreamed of impossible - flying like a bird. As the myth has it, he managed to do that - together with his son, he took to the skies on wings made of feathers glued with wax. What does the story teach us? Maybe that it is worth dreaming, attempting to do the impossible, because one day the impossible may be possible. (...more)

prof. dr hab. Andrzej Kowalczyk
Rector of the University of Silesia in Katowice

Is it possible to live without a heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, ears, any other organs or their fragments? Is it possible to travel in a car without a driver or a plane without a pilot? Is it possible to control devices with your thoughts ? The answer to every single of the questions is: Yes. Such inventions as an artificial heart, eye, kidney and many other vital organs have already been tested. Autonomous cars a.k.a. 'driverless cars' are now undergoing their test rides across the USA and may appear in Europe in no time at all. Unmanned aerial vehicles soar in the sky. (...more)

dr Agnieszka Babczyńska, dr hab. Mirosław Nakonieczny
University of Silesia in Katowice

Ludwik Hirszfeld, a distinguished Polish doctor, microbiologist and immunologist, once said, that the best microscope will not contribute to the scientific progress if it is kept in the closet. Paraphrasing his words, we could add that the most interesting scientific research is conducted in secret, behind the closed doors of laboratories, and no one knows anything about it. It was probably the idea of the organizers of the 5th Photo Competition 'Science on camera', which, this year, is titled 'Science - idea in practice'.(...more)

Tomasz Płosa
Gazeta Uniwersytecka US

Grand Prix

"Where Land and Ice Meet "
"Glaciers as Arctic Ecosystem Refugia"

Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Science Department of Marine Ecology,
University of Silesia in Katowice, Faculty of Earth Sciences,
Centre for Polar Studies


"Ammonia -'Wate' of Life"
"Physiological and Ecological Characteristics of Bacteria Capable of Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidation (Anammox)"

Anna Banach- author of photograph, Aleksandra Ziembińska-Buczyńska - project manager

An Armour for a Researcher
Developing Histological Techniques for Preparation of Insect Anatomical Structures

Przemysław Adamczewski- author of photographs / project manager

"An Eye Seen with the Mind's Eye"
"Interdisciplinary Development of Retinal Prostheses"

ANDRZEJ BARGIEŁA - author of photographs / project manager

"Provident Fathers"
"Influence of Nest-Building Behaviour on the Breeding Success of Common Whitethroat Sylvia communis"

JUSTYNA CHACHULSKA - author of photograph, LESZEK JERZAK - project manager

"Where Land and Ice Meet "
"Glaciers as Arctic Ecosystem Refugia"

KAJETAN DEJA - author of photographs, JAN MARCIN WĘSŁAWSKI - project manager

"A Small Insect for Special Tasks"
"Larvae of Chaoborus sp. as an Indicator Organism"


"Drip, Drip, Drip Under Control"
"Integrated Support System for Efficient Water Usage and Resources Management"

MAŁGORZATA GAJOS-GRŽETIĆ - author of photographs, EWA MAGIERA - project manager

"Svalbard - >>Ho<< Cauldron of Climate Interactions"
"AWAKE-2 Arctic Climate System Study of Ocean, Sea Ice and Glaciers Interactions in Svalbard Area"

DARIUSZ IGNATIUK - author of photographs, MARIUSZ GRABIEC - project manager

"A Precious Quality of Seeds"
"Application of Seeds in Nuclear DNA Content Estimation by Flow Cytometry"

IWONA JĘDRZEJCZYK - author of photographs / project manager

"Student Research Workshop: the Watching and the Watched"
"Geophysical and Glaciological Workshop on Spitsbergen for Students of University of Sile-sia Organized by the Centre for Polar Studies KNOW"

MARTA KONDRACKA - author of photographs, JACEK JANIA - project manager

"Sewage Encapsulated"
"Methodology of Sludge Immobilization in a Hydrogel Carrier"

BEATA KOŃCZAK - author of photographs, PAWEŁ ZAWARTKA - project manager

"A Perfectly Imperfect Body"
"Masculine-Feminine Fantasies: the Phantasmagorias of Hans Bellmer"

AGNIESZKA KOT - author of photographs, IWONA ALECHNOWICZ-SKRZYPEK - project manager

"Eyes are the Mirror of the Genes"
"Comparison of Eye Pigment Content in Eye-coloured Mutant Strains of House Cricket (Acheta domesticus)"


"Neither with Paints, nor with Pencils, but with Bacteria"
"Painted with Microbes - Microbiology for Beginners"

ZBIGNIEW KUC - author of photographs, ZOFIA PIOTROWSKA-SEGET - project manager

>>PhotoFilm<< - the Third State of Artistic Matter"
"Constant Photography"

WOJCIECH KUKUCZKA - author of photographs / project manager

"Ice Flowers"
"Multifaceted Analysis of Stability of Plant Chimeras Subjected to Cryopreservation"

DARIUSZ KULUS - author of photographs / project manager

"Echoes of Ecological Disasters"
"Areas of (Natural) Disasters as a Special Ecological Research Testing Ground"

TADEUSZ MOLENDA - author of photographs / project manager

"Brasil a la polonaise"
"The Contemporary Cultural Landscape of Areas Settled by Polish Immigrants in Brazil. The Case Study of Cruz Machado Region"

TOBIASZ ORZEŁ - author of photographs / project manager

"The Power of a Night Ritual"
"Walking With a Flag - Night Initiation Ceremony"

GRZEGORZ PIASKOWSKI- author of photographs, LEONARD SOBIERAJ - project manager

"More Means Better"
"The Role of Endoreduplication iIn Higher Plants Development"

MONIKA REWERS- author of photographs / project manager

"Chasing Formula One"
">Formula Student< Scientific Research Project Conducted at the Rzeszow University of Technology"

KATARZYNA STEFANIK- author of photographs, PIOTR STROJNY - project manager

"Crystal Past of Rock Silesia"
"Magmatism in the Silesian Basin - Has Everything Been Explained?"

KRZYSZTOF SZOPA - author of photographs / project manager

"Witnesses of Crossing Borders"
"Polish-Lithuanian Delimitations in the Years 1492-1565/1566. Preliminary, Work Organization, And Strategies of Proceedings by the Border Committees"

DOMINIK SZULC - author of photographs / project manager

"Hibernated Lake"
"Development of Thermal Structure and Ice Cover of Mountain Lakes in Changing Climate Conditions"

MIROSŁAW SZUMNY - author of photographs, BOGDAN GĽDEK - project manager

"Kenyan School >>Made in Poland<<"
"I Help Children in Africa - a School under a Baobab Tree"

ANNA WATOŁA - author of photographs / project manager


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